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Attorney Robert A. Stavins receives Pro Bono Service award [2011-10-21]:

Robert Stavins ... of Waukegan received the Pro Bono Service Award for donating more than 170 hours of legal service.

Stavins, ... of Waukegan, practices family law, personal injury and DUI/traffic law.

“I do pro bono work because it’s an important part of practicing law, to give back to society and to help those who cannot afford quality legal counsel,” Stavins said.

A typical divorce case can cost a person between $10,000 and $40,000 in attorney fees.

Stavins estimated that he has logged more than 170 hours in at least 35 cases helping people with divorce proceedings, orders of protection and probate matters.

“In this type of economy, people cannot afford to get a divorce,” Stavins said.

That is why he said he does his pro bono work in that arena.

Beth Kramer
[email protected]